Tim presenting award to Jasmin

My name is Jasmine Schroeder and I commenced with the Rotary Youth Arts Project in 2007 where I signed up for the Photography course and at that time I was in Year 9 at Collingwood College. On the completion of the photography course, I received an offer to join the Rotary Next Step Program and I accepted the invitation, commencing in 2008.

I was then referred to the Big Brother/Big Sisters mentoring program being allocated a mentor in 2009, at that time I did not make regular contact with the mentor and I utilised the Coordinator of the Next Step Program as my mentor. Since that time I have made regular contact with that mentor and we have become good friends as well.

At the end of Year 10, I then transferred schools from Collingwood College to Swinburne College in Hawthorn.  In the initial stages of the Rotary Next Step Program, I found the process, overwhelming but was provided with a laptop through some of the program funding for support in my studies.

Earlier in 2011, I completed my career profile testing, and it gave me further insight into my strengths. By viewing my strengths, I have been able to put more of an effort into my future direction of becoming a Nurse.

Through this career profile testing it gave me the confidence to apply to the Australian Catholic University for a position in the Division 2 nursing course that will lead to me obtaining a Bachelor Degree in Nursing. I attended an interview and testing for the course in Division 2 nursing and was accepted to commence in 2012.

I have found the experience of the Next Step Program really good and reliable. I have always been able to contact program staff and receive valuable support. This has allowed me to feel more confident in my approach to life and encourage me to pursue my goals.

By doing this program it has changed the way that I view things  and how we need to achieve our goals and succeed in life.

Jasmine Schroeder
January 2012