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Big Brother Big Sisters of Australia

Big Brothers Big Sisters has been a partner in this program since its inception to deliver the mentoring element of the program.
The partnership between our organisations has evidenced the Next Step Programs commitment to deliver educational support services to young people who represent some of the most marginalized members of our community.
Both of our organisations work closely together to meet the challenges presented by this initiative. We ensure the young people are well supported through the provision of one to one mentoring services.
Hanna Maxwell, Youth Services Team Leader

Dance House

The Rotary Youth Arts Project gives young people considered at risk the opportunity to develop skills through collaborative arts practice.

Graduates are given the opportunity in the Next Step to build life-skills through a suite of programs and partnerships.

The Next Step has had a significant positive influence on the lives of the young people it has supported.

David Tyndall, Artistic Director/CEO dancehouse

Collingwood College

Collingwood Collegwood College has participated in both the Rotary Youth Arts Project and the Rotary Next Step Program. The students who have been involved in these programs have benefited tremendously.

A great number of these students are disadvantaged for a variety of reasons and these programs provide life skills that will allow them to succeed in what ever path they may choose to follow. Collingwood College is grateful, these programs have made a real difference to the lives of some of our students.

I wish it had the resources to involve a larger group of students as in the long term it breaks the cycle of dependence on the welfare system and the generational poverty cycle. I hope we work together for many years to come.

Chrysanthe Polack, Assistant Principal

On behalf of Sydney Road Community School I would like to express our gratitude for the fine support the Rotary Club of Richmond has provided our students through the Youth Arts Project and the Next Step Program. Many of our students are amongst the most disadvantaged in our community.

They have gained access to a range of experiences which have enhanced their education and made their transition to becoming a more meaningful members of the adult community a more optimistic prospect.

The Next Step program has identified and addressed many of the life skills needed to be a functioning adult. Delivering these programs in the students’ safe environment of their own school has also contributed to the success of the programs.

Brian Considine, Principal

Centre for Contemporary Photography

I am pleased to offer my support for the Rotary Next Step Program. CCP has participated in the Rotary Youth Arts Project since 2005 and has watched the development of the Rotary Next Step, with its specific objective of assisting young people find meaningful employment and or further study.

The breadth of the program is impressive from the provision of life skills training in schools, to career guidance and the assistance with full and part time employment.

Giving young people a sense of entitlement to the resources of our society is an objective we aspire to and admire in other organisations.

Naomi Cass, Director CCP

Cornerstone Wealth

My contribution to this project is to lead the design team and then deliver the “How to Manage Money” Training Program. I am passionate about seeing people fulfill their potential and achieve their goals.

Understanding money, budgeting and debt and how you can achieve your goals by managing your personal finances well is crucial to the success of everyone. Understanding and implementing money management as early as possible significantly increases the ability to succeed.

I have counselled many people young people in the best way to achieve their goals. I support this program because the young people are clearly disadvantaged. The skills to manage money can help them overcome these disadvantages.

Gavin Martin, Managing Director and Financial Advisor Cornerstone Wealth Pty.Ltd.


Bennalon Foundation

Bennelong Foundation aims to enhance community wellbeing and provide opportunities for positive and lasting change in our community.

Education, Training and Employment and Youth At Risk are two of our main areas of focus and we are pleased to fund the Rotary Club of Richmond’s next Step Program as it fits well with our funding principals.

Susan Frances, General Manager

Inner North Community Foundation

This project is a great example of corporate, community and philanthropy working together.

Arts Hub

What this program offers is much bigger than a particular skill or passion: it is the capacity to be effective and successful at life.

Deborah Stone, Editor

Classified Ad Ventures

City of Yarra

The City of Yarra is pleased to support the Rotary Next Step Program as part of a range of initiatives driven by Rotary that provide a pathway of opportunities for young people. The City of Yarra continues to be involved with the Rotary Youth Arts Project in conjunction with the Centre for Contemporary Photography and Dancehouse.

This project provides a high quality artistic experience for disadvantaged young people. All graduates of this program are offered a place in the Rotary Next Step Program.

We believe this program has both flexibility and the focus to help young people with complex needs that are often unique to their own circumstances. Many require tailored assistance, not always available in mainstream educational settings.

Siu Chan, Coordinator – Arts and Cultural Services

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